A runanga is not consulting with residents? But when did Maori have to do any consulting?

April 11, 2014
Aggrieved residents could try moving to this Hamilton...

Aggrieved residents could try moving to this Hamilton…

The good citizens of Hamilton (the one in the Waikato) are learning the hard way what happens when sovereignty is ceded to their indigenous neighbours.

The indigenous neighbours are rejoicing in their sovereignty and flexing their muscle.

As a consequence the Pakeha element of the neighbourhood perhaps has become subservient to the indigenous element.

This explains why (as you will learn here) some residents of Hamilton are whinging about not being consulted.

They don’t understand the conventions that are being established in tune with our Treaty arrangements and the partnership it created.

Under these arrangements governments and local authorities are expected to consult with iwi and other bodies representing our indigenous Treaty partners.

There is no obligation for our indigenous Treaty partners to do any consulting.

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