Throwing up Trevor Mallard as a candidate means David Carter is a shoo-in to become Mr Speaker

January 31, 2013

Well, that’s gotta be a thoroughly untempting proposition.

The Labour Party has said it will nominate Trevor Mallard to be Speaker of the House.

They know the bid will fail.

The chances of failure became that much greater when Mallard became their choice.

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Alf wouldn’t have scotched Tau’s ambition to become Mr Speaker – not if the price was right

December 12, 2012

Alf had been tempted to toss his hat in the ring and run for the job of Speaker.

But he did his sums and calculated – as did Tau Henare – that it would help to muster support from some of the other parties in Parliament.

In particular, he probably would be required to chat up someone in the Maori Party.

And if that someone in the Maori Party had agreed to endorse Alf’s candidacy … well, then it would have been a matter of waiting to see how long it would take for them to repudiate the deal.

That’s what Tau encountered, even though – by the sound of it – he had some sort of a deal in writing.

But the Maori Party seemed anxious yesterday not to give a hint they had reneged.

Reneged with one of “our people” (as they describe all Maori, no matter their party leanings) what’s more.

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