Someone’s Mum has brought her citizenship into question by calling for a weakening of the All Blacks

July 17, 2010

The presumption of innocence and its importance in a just and decent society is not as well understood or zealously championed as it should be.

Worse, some citizens who would deny others the presumption of innocence show deeper flaws. They make themselves candidates for deportation by wanting to weaken the All Black team.

This is tantamount to treason, and would be treason, if Alf had his say in definining this very serious offence against the state. Every self-respecting Kiwi should have a powerful urge to see the crap beaten out of the Springboks on the rugby field.

Any hint of this urge being diluted should disqualify people from citizenship.

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Today’s NZRU bosses have stuff to say sorry for, but 1928-60 tour decisions are not among them

April 5, 2010

Alf is seriously discomforted by the urge among modern-day malcontents to demand apologies for the mischief done to their ancestors.

Clamouring for such apologies is something he expects from Pita Sharples, our Minister of Maori Affairs, of course. Sharples is a chronic complainant about all sorts of things, particularly if a racist edge to whatever happened can be found.

Sure enough – Sharples is now wailing about the Rugby Union’s disinclination to apologise to former Maori players – and their families – for excluding them from past tours to South Africa on racial grounds.
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South Africans screw the racism scrum

February 19, 2009

Well, bugger me. Radio Sport is telling us the South African Rugby Union won’t accept a New Zealand Maori side because it is selected on racial lines.

The Springboks’ planned British and Irish Lions warm-up against the New Zealand Maori is likely to be snubbed by South African Rugby because of the racial composition of the squad.

The South African Rugby Union has confirmed it has had an approach from the NZRU for the Maori to play a game in the Republic in June.

But SARU has issued a statement saying the biggest stumbling block is the long established President’s Council resolution forbidding the appearance of SARU teams against opponents selected on racial lines.

A final decision isn’t expected until the end of March.

Alf and his mates are chuckling at the thought of what John Minto, well known shit-stirrer and national organiser for HART in 1981, will be making of this – he was among the best known leaders of the anti-tour movement, howling against apartheid and South African racism, when the Springboks came here.

A raft of other organisations sprung up in opposition to the tour, with names like CARE (Citizens Association for Racial Equality) and NAAC (National Anti-Apartheid Council).

On the other side of the divide, tour champion Ces Blazey, NZRFU chairman at the time, will be rolling in his grave with laughter.