If God did not intend politicians to fly, he would not have created subsidies and perks

July 2, 2010

The political hacks at Radio NZ didn’t bother trying to talk with Alf, before they reported this morning that only the Green Party would comment on proposals for major changes to MPs allowances.

The Greens (as Alf’s consituents know full well) are a potty bunch at the best of times.

Accordingly they are best ignored when they say a full independent review of the allowances is needed (unless the review is allowed to drag on for the next 20 years and achieve nothing before Alf retires).

The Greens were given their chance to blather on the topic after the latest three-yearly review of Parliamentary funding called for an end to subsidised international travel and to the practice of MPs claiming public money for rent on premises they own.

Obviously such changes to the rules would be unhelpful to Alf’s travel plans.

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The great expenses hush-up

May 24, 2009

Sure enough, the British scandal over political expenses and how the system has been abused has triggered a burst of curiosity from news media about who spends what in this country.

Well, let the record show none of it is used for cleaning out the moat. Certainly not at Alf’s place, and he’s sure that if other MPs have moats around their properties, they wouldn’t remain a secret for long.

The British scandal is taking a heavy toll of resignations, including Britain’s Speaker of the House of Commons, Michael Martin (to head off a motion of no confidence in him).
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