Racial privilege is upheld by audit which fortifies Maori claims to more money for their trough

March 15, 2012

Further evidence of New Zealand’s peculiar willingness to spawn and nurture racially divisive governance arrangements is dished up by the NZ Herald today.

It reports on a funding row over Maori initiatives in Auckland.

And it quotes a source as saying the matter could end up in court, citing a draft report showing the Auckland Council is largely failing to meet statutory obligations to Maori.

These are statutory obligations to “Maori”, it should be noted. Not statutory obligations to New Zealanders, or citizens, or all of us.

This affirms that the Government must meet some obligations to one ethnic community that it does not have to meet for others.

It all stems – we don’t have to guess – from the ill-considered incorporation of so-called Treaty principles into various bits of legislation.

And it is all about who gets how much money.

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