Crossing had “stop” signs but fault is found with KiwiRail in the aftermath of another accident

January 13, 2011

You can ignore the information ... but don't blame KiwiRail if you come off second best in an encounter with a train.

Perhaps it comes from living in the shadow of Mt Egmont.

Whatever the reason, the buggers in that neck of the woods have a somewhat exaggerated notion of “black spot”.

Or – another strong possibility – the feverish Fairfax scribes have engaged in a beat-up in saying that a woman was killed yesterday at a notorious railway crossing that Stratford residents have been imploring authorities to fix for nearly 20 years.

Yesterday’s fatal crash at Stratford’s black spot – the Flint Rd railway crossing – was a grim reminder that nothing has changed since the last fatality there in 1992.

What was that again?

Oh, yes. The previous fatality on this “black spot” was way, way back in 1992.

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