Hurrah – the Danes can show us why imposing a fat tax is not healthy for the economy

November 16, 2012

If Parekura trimmed down a bit, it would be easier to pull him out of this mire.

Dunno when greenies like Sue Kedgley first started squawking for a fat tax, but she was certainly banging on about it in 2004.

In a press released in August that year (here, Sue urged the Clark Government to investigate a ‘fat tax’.

She said it should start with soft drinks to tackle the growing problem of obesity, as proposed by Diabetes New Zealand and Fight the Obesity Epidemic, in combination with other measures.

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Perhaps Sue Kedgley should consult the chooks before freeing them from their cages

February 21, 2012

So we can live in a cage and be turned into Tegel pieces or become free rangers and be cannibalised.

Would the chickens on a certain farm in the Wairarapa – those that are still alive, that is – vote for the Greens, if the franchise was widened to include chooks?

At first blush, they would vote Green, because the Green Party has championed their welfare for years.

In October last year – for example – the Greens joined animal rights groups in calling on the Government to reject the use of colony cages for layer hens.

At that time, the Royal New Zealand Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RNZSPCA) and Save Animals From Exploitation (SAFE) called a press conference to announce their opposition to the cages.

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Just look at Don Brash before blaming junk food for the rising obesity levels among today’s school kids

September 23, 2011

Billy Bunter was a rare exception when Alf went to Greyfriars.

Dunno if similar work has been done in NZ, but Alf was cheered to learn that someone has studied the trend towards driving kids to school and sparing them the effort of getting there the hard way.

Back in Alf’s schooldays we walked to school or we got there on a bike.

Bloody good exercise. And this – he reckons – explains at least partly why the brats who are driven to school by molly-coddling parents are becoming a generation of tubbies.

He is fortified in this thinking after stumbling on the work of an American researcher who has looked into this and reported her findings in a paper headed Active Transportation to School: Trends Among U.S. Schoolchildren, 1969–2001

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Keep it Kiwi campaign kicks off with cakes that – crikey, cobber – were first concocted in Toowomba!

September 30, 2010

If we can have these, Oz, we'll give you Russell Crowe (and throw in Russel Norman for good measure).

Alf should be sanguine enough to lose no sleep over the Greens, but he nevertheless despairs of the buggers and their publicity-seeking antics.

To be generous, he supposes their brains have become addled through a lack of nourishment resulting from an overdose of muesli, nuts and lettuce.

This – maybe – explains why Green Party Co-leader Russel Norman launched the Keep it Kiwi campaign by handing out Aussie cakes.

Yep. He was seen handing out lamingtons in front of a Kiwibank branch in Wellington, and if you asked what’s up, he would tell you it was to celebrate New Zealand ownership at a time when John Key’s Government plans to make asset sales an election issue in 2011.

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Let’s scoff bacon and eggs rather than scoff at the research which finds they are good for our health

April 4, 2010

Great news for Alf and all red-blooded Kiwis who share his enthusiasm for a bloody good feed of fried tucker at breakfast time.

New research – according to his SoH – says a traditional fry-up is the healthiest way to start your day.

Researchers at the University of Alabama claim a fried breakfast loaded with protein kick-starts the metabolism, making it easier to burn off other meals.

They found mice fed a high-fat meal soon after waking remained healthy.

Those given a carb-rich breakfast, such as cereal, followed by a fatty dinner put on weight, had trouble digesting food and a higher chance of diabetes.
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It’s a shame: the disappointment of learning that Ms Monk is unlikely to join the Green circus

January 5, 2010

Oops. Alf has been misled by a newspaper headline (not for the first time).

Sophie Monk in La La Land, blared the heading at Stuff.

Beneath was the picture of a cute-looking blonde bint.

Alf is a political animal and promptly put La La Land into a political context. He mused: if the loopy Green Party can attract members as good-looking as this, why don’t they put them high on the list and get them into Parliament?

It would be a great change from having to look at the likes of Metiria Turei and Sue Kedgley, when you are sitting in the House for hours on end.

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Don’t knock the bop in all cases

November 27, 2009

Yeah, Alf knows how a good Nat was supposed to vote on the legislation to repeal the use of provocation as a partial defence for murder. But he has more than a sneaking regard for the concerns being expressed in the legal community.

Moreover, he salutes ACT, which was the only party to oppose the repeal bill which passed last night by 116 votes to five.

The legal objections are reported by Stuff.

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But not all sows will be locked up for Christmas

November 25, 2009

It’s always a pleasure to see greenie grouch Sue Kedgley get her come-uppance in the House. Hence Alf enjoyed yesterday’s Question Time, before we got into the tedium of the ETS legislation.

Sue was banging on about pig farming, codes of welfare, and what-have-you.

She asked Alf’s mate David Carter, our worthy Minister of Agriculture, if he stood by his statement of 20 May 2009 “I would like to be able to issue a new code of welfare for pigs by the end of this year”. She also asked if he was confident this would be achieved.

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Hone’s pointer to how MPs can test their popularity

August 12, 2009

Gotta take your hat off to Maori Party MP Hone Harawira.

Hone has a flair for pissing off Alf with his Pakeha-hostile antics, more often then not. But not this time.

Radio NZ says Hone is to hitch-hike around his electorate to cut travel costs.

The MP for Te Tai Tokerau is among those with the highest expenses in Parliament, with travel costs of almost $67,000 in the first half of this year.
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In defence of pure bread and strong All Blacks

July 13, 2009

Alf’s lobbying for the good folk of Eketahuna to continue getting their daily bread free of folic acid obviously was influential.

He is confident the All Blacks, too, will benefit from his continued campaigning to keep our bread pure.

Today he is cheered to learn that outrageous rules forcing bakers to add folic acid to our bread could be scrapped within months of coming into force – but only if the Government secures a review.

To get the review (thanks to the mire Labour’s Annette King dragged us into) we need Australian agreement.

Is this agreement likely?

Alf strongly suspects we have been subjected to an Aussie plot to nobble the All Blacks by force-feeding us (with King’s apparent connivance) on bread laced with folic acid.
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