When rugby comes into calculations, a feller called Michael Field is apt to drop the ball

March 13, 2011

The Sunday Star-Times has skated defty around a bit of conjecture about our next Governor-General that it published last week.

On its website this morning Alf found a piece by a scribe called Hubbard who says our next governor-general has risen from humble beginnings to the highest post in the land.

Alf had hoped this high post would have gone to him.

But Jerry Mateparae got the job, and Hubbard says –

Everyone who knows Mateparae uses the same words to describe him: “Modest, quiet, a gentleman.”

Hubbard could have said the same thing about Alf, if things had gone differently.

But let’s go back a week.

The SST then was reporting some stuff by a Michael Field.

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This Braunias bloke should have communicated with pictures, when he wanted to use the “c” word

January 22, 2011

One of these blokes is Alfred E.Neuman, the other is a sacked columnist.

Alf’s attention has been drawn to the sacking of a Sunday Star-Times scribbler who looks remarkably like Alfred E Neuman, the iconic cover boy of Mad magazine.

The sacking is neither here nor there to Alf, but he delights in pointing out to his constituents that the sacked scribbler would qualify for featuring in Mad magazine on account of his exchange of execrable e-mails with – of all people – a female police prosecutor.

Down in Wellington, during the week, a few people were sufficiently bothered to conjecture on what the columnist might have done.

Here in Eketahuna, we couldn’t give a toss but one of Alf’s mates – the only one who has ever read Braunias’s stuff, it transpires – said he would have sacked the bugger long ago for failing to write in a language he understands, which turns out to be the same language that got the columnist the sack.

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It’s a shame Mrs Meads isn’t with us to give her side of the story about a homicide in Matamata

December 27, 2009

The Sunday Star-Times has dished up a sickening pot of pap today after tracking down the horse-breeder accused of shooting dead his missus at their Matamata home.

It’s a very one-sided story, because she is not around to give her account of what happened.

The scribe at the SST has allowed the bugger to make the most of Mrs Meads’ inability to put a different spin on things – he is quoted as saying he is “not a killer” and that he “never wanted to see her dead”.

Alf would like the SST to have written a very different story by asking the authorities why the bugger is out on bail.

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Mo news: how to shave university budgets

March 29, 2009

There has been a great deal of wailing and gnashing of teeth from PC zealots, after TVNZ Breakfast host Paul Henry giggled about the facial hair of a female guest, anti-nuclear campaigner and Greenpeace worker Stephanie Mills.

The Sunday Star-Times devotes space to the incident this morning with news that TVNZ has received “a handful” of complaints from viewers and has started a formal complaints procedure as outlined by the Broadcasting Standards Act.

For his part, Henry says he has nothing to be sorry about and viewers expected him to speak his mind.
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