Another bloody David goes politicking, but this one pushes for a bigger trough for Maori

December 1, 2011

Maori leaders in Auckland are giving us a further demonstration of their yearning for separateness.

The Maori Statutory Board, the ill-considered consequence of stuff-ups in setting up the Super City, wants $295 million over 10 years from Auckland ratepayers to advance Maori interests.

The Herald puts us in the picture about their push for more race-based funding today.

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Super City poobahs are monkeying with the councillors – but who has the balls to publicly say so?

March 29, 2011

Maybe they would make great Super City councillors.

Alf is always suspicious of politicians who make a fuss anonymously rather than stand up to be counted when they go out to do battle on behalf of those who pay their wages.

He is suspicious of public service poobahs, too, whether they work for central government or local government.

The buggers are much too inclined to operate under the cover of secrecy.

Hence he is not surprised to hear that senior officers in the Super Slum City are being accused of holding back information from Auckland councillors to stifle public debate on extra funding for the Rugby World Cup.

But he is disappointed to learn that the bugger who claims to be intent on flushing out this nonsense is operating under cover, too.

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Ridding our roads of poor people will shrink AA membership but it will cure the congestion, too

March 28, 2011

Back to the future.

Alf observes that the Automobile Association is somewhat bothered about public-transport proposals in our deeply indebted Super City.

It is wailing that only the rich will be able to afford to drive in Auckland as the council targets motorists to pay for its public transport plans.

Alf’s own observation is that before long only the rich will be able to afford to live there, anyway, because the Super City is in debt to the tune of $4 billion – the equivalent of about $8000 for each of the region’s half a million ratepayers.

The debt had been steadily growing under the previous eight councils and includes $1.2 billion managed by Watercare Services to build and maintain the city’s water assets.

What’s more, the Auckland Council is looking to increase its debt from $2.8 billion (which excludes the Watercare figure) to $3.6 billion over the next three years to fund its existing programme of capital works. There is no money in the financially strapped budget for new projects, such as Mayor Len Brown’s $2 billion inner city rail loop and a cruise ship terminal.

It looks remarkably like a good place not to live in.

This impression is heightened by the aforementioned public transport plans as reported at Stuff.

The money-grubbing buggers are preparing to slap a price on anything that moves.

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Yes, Nick Smith is taking a punt with climate change – but so did Rodney with the Super City

March 15, 2011

A sartorial turn-off - and he's blinkered about Auckland, too.

Those tossers at ACT have a bloody nerve.

Mind you, lots of nerve is needed when membership requires you to be led by a bloke who wears yellow jackets.

In this case, however, Alf is talking about the nerve of John Boscowen, who basks in the title of ACT Deputy Leader and Climate Change Spokesman.

He has got all huffy about climate change matters, and is demanding to know

… how Climate Change Minister Dr Nick Smith could propose to reduce New Zealand greenhouse gas emissions to 50 percent below 1990 levels by 2050 when he does not even know what effect this target will have on jobs and GDP.

The answer is simple.

You take a bloody big punt, you stand up and you propose it.

And if you don’t know what will happen as a consequence – well, that’s just too bad.

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Some things – like putting $3.4 million in a Super City Maori trough – can’t wait for debate

February 9, 2011

Apathetic Kiwis are curiously oblivious to the way the Treaty of Waitangi is being invoked to debase the democracy their forefathers fought to defend in two world wars.

A few months ago, they made bugger all fuss on learning that fewer than two dozen people will select members for the Super City’s Maori Statutory Board.

An iwi selection group made up of 19 tribally-drawn members was set up to go through nominations for seven “mana whenua” or iwi representatives and two others known as “mataawaka”members.

Mana whenua representatives were being split between Ngati Manuhiri, Marutuahu, Waiohua and Ngati Whatua.

Full credit to political commentator Matt McCarten for being among those who expressed outrage.

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Just the thing for a Super City – some super cost cuts, like shutting down the museum or something

November 19, 2010

It's a bit of a dump, but better than living in Auckland.

Alf is by no means surprised to learn that big savings are not being made as a consequence of all that Super City stuff.

ACT’s Rodney Hide – as was posted here in May last year – had been much too gung-ho about the Auckland restructuring and not half as concerned about the implementation costs as his track record on accountability would have us believe.

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The magic of building Rodney’s Super City – the costs are mystifying but “miniscule”

June 4, 2010

Rodney Hide is gung ho about what he has done and is doing for the restructuring of local government in Auckland and bringing relief to ratepayers.

He’s much too gung ho for Alf’s liking, actually, and is bound to come a cropper.

The final legislation setting up the rules and responsibilities of the Super City has been passed into law after Parliament passed the Bill that finalises the roles of local boards and the council’s management of its companies.

More ominously, as TVNZ reports:

There are claims this morning that the costs for setting up the Auckland Super City are spiralling out of control.

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A tipple or two should not be a resignation matter – but does the mayor have a pee problem?

March 29, 2010

Alf has no problem demanding the resignation of North Shore mayor Andrew Williams for being a clown. Or any other mayor who becomes a clown.

Demanding his resignation because he enjoys a bit of wine is a different matter. If Alf were to climb on to that bandwagon, he would be in grave danger of having his disparagers in Eketahuna (there are two or three) demand he do likewise.

Alf, of course, regards the capacity to sink a scuttle of suds as the mark of a red-blooded Kiwi bloke. Most critically, however, a red-blooded Kiwi bloke should never run amok, or become violent, abusive or otherwise anti-social as a consequence of imbibing.

Mayor Williams, maybe, fails that test.
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Seer or sucker: David Clendon has a strange vision of Maori being denied the vote in the Super City

March 13, 2010

The Green Party’s David Clendon – the bloke who took over from Sue Bradford as an MP – is laying claim to the gift of

Dunno if his technique involves prodding the guts of chickens, like the seers of old.

Whatever it is, he sees a future in which Maori in Auckland are stripped of the democratic rights enjoyed by the rest of us.

A media statement issued in Clendon’s name says –

A lack of Māori representation at all levels of the Super City is going to be detrimental to the future of Auckland, the Green Party said today.

But we haven’t had the first election yet – have we?

That being so, Maori have every chance of being represented.

It simply requires Maori to get out and vote for the person they want to represent them. That’s how the system works.
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Sad saga of two Browns Bay bus stops

May 26, 2009

A glorious example of Auckland’s struggles to govern itself at local body level shows up in the North Shore Times.

The buggers in that part of Auckland have spent five years trying to determine where two bus stops should go. They have yet to reach a decision.

Shore councillor Ann Hartley

says it looked bad when the council spent five years and $87,000 to redesign two Browns Bay bus stops and still couldn’t make a decision.

She described it as an “awful waste of public money”.
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