You don’t have to look hard for evidence against the Assad regime when you sold them the chemicals

September 8, 2013

Your Brits can be a right cynical bunch of tossers.

Their PM has been babbling in recent days about finding fresh evidence of the use of chemical weapons in Damascus.

Yep. David Cameron told the BBC the UK would lead calls for more action on aid for refugees and push for fresh peace talks.

He said:

“Britain will be one of the leaders in bringing forward plans for a peace process for Syria. Britain will be leading the argument across the globe for continuing to respond strongly on chemical weapons.”

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Want to know what futility sounds like? Listen to what this general has to tell the Syrians

August 19, 2012

My next triumph will be getting the Greens to support mining in Fiordland.

Alf has seen several exercises in futility over the years and heard many eloquent pleas for common sense that are doomed to fall on deaf ears.

The hysteria generated by plans to have the Beast of Blenheim live in a house on prison property in Wanganui under strict conditions serves as a splendid example in this country. Any attempt to restore calm to the community had as much chance of succeeding as the Salvation Army has of converting Alf to a life of temperance.

But a better example of someone earnestly thinking people will pay heed to his counsel comes today from the bloke in charge of the UN team in Syria.

The UN calls it a force, but it’s as much a force as Gerry Brownlee is a Green Party vegetarian.

Its acting leader nevertheless has grand ideas of its (and his) strength.

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Meurant takes issue with McCully about the muscle we might flex to admonish Syrian thugs

March 25, 2012

So what has happened to a red-blooded ex copper?

The tossers at the Sunday Star-Times today have headlined former MP Ross Meurant’s concerns about some feisty foreign-policy changes now on the drawing board.

Murray McCully is taking credit for these proposed changes, at least for now, although (just quietly) Murray is a dab hand at distancing himself from anything controversial if things go awry.

And he knows how not to be spattered when the shit hits the fan, which might be an appropriate expression in this case, because Meurant imports – or was thinking about importing – fertiliser.

Phosphate, as it happens.

But let’s not let that small detail get in the way of a figure of speech.

The proposal that concerns Meurant is simple and – in Alf’s book – compelling.

It’s the idea of doing whatever we think is right, no matter what the United Nations might think, and slapping sanctions on countries that irritate us.

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Don’t worry if McCully has disappeared, Boss – we can suggest an admirable replacement

February 27, 2012

Alf reckons he saw McCully head off in that direction...

Dunno what The Boss thinks about a Minister with an aversion to answering questions.

Or a Minister – more to the point – whose current whereabouts are unknown, except that he is “in the media”.

Alf accordingly senses an opportunity to get himself a Cabinet job at long last, and has let The Boss know of his willingness (a) to take over Foreign Affairs; and (b) front up to the news media to explain MFAT job cuts, our position on Syria and so on.

Immediately, it’s fair to say, The Boss seems disinclined to take advantage of his hard-working Eketahuna North MP’s willingness to do what Murray McCully won’t do, which is explain what’s doing.

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