If we oldies can get to bed at a respectable hour, there’s no need for pubs to stay open until dawn

January 23, 2015

Alf observes with some fascination the goings-on about boozing hours in Wellington.

The rejection of Wellington City Council plans for bar hours has implications for councils in other parts of the country. Hence it may affect the Tararua District Council’s thinking on what is allowable in its patch, and this in turn would affect Alf’s lifestyle.

This means that councils across the county (according to Radio NZ) may struggle to enforce any policies allowing bars to stay open beyond 4am.

Alf can advise his constituents (who are well aware of his habits, anyway) that his lifestyle certainly would not be affected by any requirement for pubs to shut by 4am, because at that hour he has long ago gone home to snuggle down with Mrs Grumble or (sometimes) be put to bed in the spare room.


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Cadbury must comply with silly rules – and so does an Eketahuna cheese-maker

September 30, 2010

One of Alf’s favourite people is unlikely to be mollified by news that bureaucrats have obliged Cadbury to change its chocolate labels in Europe.

In other words, the buggers make it hard to earn a buck regardless of your size and in which country you are operating.

European Union rules have forced the chocolate-maker to remove its “glass and a half” description from the back of Dairy Milk wrappers.

Each bar of Dairy Milk now advises consumers: “The equivalent of 426 ml of fresh liquid milk in every 227g of milk chocolate.”

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A big neigh to wind farm plans

April 3, 2009

Those of us who are wary of windfarms can delight in the news that Contact Energy’s plan to build the biggest wind turbines in New Zealand have suffered a setback.

Electricity commissioners have turned down the company’s application to erect 65 of the turbines near Dannevirke, up the road from here in Eketahuna.

Among other things, the turbines would have scared the horses. Or so the objectors said.
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Tararua’s $13m drinking problem

March 26, 2009

Gotta give it to Tararua Mayor Maureen Reynolds for optimism.

She says (according to the Manawatu Standard) it will be impossible to come up with the dosh needed to improve her district’s drinking water – a matter of more than $13 million – without help from the Government.

Doesn’t she know we are lopping public spending, or trying to, because of the widening budget deficit and Standard and Poors putting us on credit watch and all that fiscal stuff?
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Locals hosed off over Makakahi constraints

March 18, 2009

Looks like the Tararua District Council would prefer the lawyers aren’t kept too busy (and well watered) after the Eketahuna Community Board appealed to the Environment Court over a water take consent variation issued by Horizons Regional Council.

The council wants to talk with the board, presumably to try to talk it out of pursuing the case.
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Tararua District goes to work on the jobs issue

March 15, 2009

Here’s an initiative involving the Tararua District Council worthy of support by North Eketahuna folk (and certainly endorsed by their hard-working member).

Businesses and industry in Palmerston North, Tararua, Kapiti, Horowhenua and Wairarapa are being invited to a Regional Employment Summit to get a picture on what is happening in the current economic climate and what is likely to happen in the local economy.

The summit is being hosted by the four Economic Development Agencies, Vision Manawatu, Tararua District Council, Nature Coast Enterprise, Wairarapa Chamber of Commerce and the Ministry of Social Development and will be held at the Palmerston North Convention Centre on Monday 6 April 2009.

The purpose of the summit is to give business owners, industry and stakeholders an up to date picture of the global, national and local situation and the expectations and opportunities for our region.

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