So that’s what the white man’s science did not realise – cleaning up Kapiti’s water calls for eels

June 3, 2015
Mayor Church ... out of his depth without the right science.

Mayor Church … out of his depth without the right science.

Well, isn’t this a splendid example of Treaty-based togetherness?

Actually, the best people to answer that question should be the good people of Kapiti who may – or may not – have woken to a pleasant surprise.

According to this Radio NZ report, the council they had elected in 2013 to do good things for them, including manage their water supply, had recognised it was not up to the job.

It had whistled in some help – or maybe it eagerly accepted the help which was offered.

Much more important, the sad-sack council has recognised the serious shortcomings of the white man’s science and is being bailed out by the belated application of Maori science.

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Here’s why Morrie has good cause to want to keep the muzzle on our female MPs

May 19, 2014

Alf has just caught up with news that Parliament’s relationship with Te Atiawa could be changed.

For the better?

It depends on your world view, probably.

The news is that a bloke called Morrie Love is keen on maintaining the Maori traditional muzzle on women when it comes to speaking rights – even if they happen to be members of Parliament. It’s a position Alf is strongly inclined to support, because women are apt to talk a lot of old flannel.

It’s all related to powhiri at Parliament (typically a tedious procedure which Alf prefers to avoid but very important when it comes to maintaining the status of our indigenous people as – you know – “special”).

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The marvels of mauri and mingling mana

March 3, 2009

A bunch of our judges were very early risers today, so they could turn up for a ceremony of dubious worth at the new Supreme Court building in Wellington.

The Government hasn’t disclosed exactly when the poor buggers were required to get out of bed.

But a media statement from the Office of Courts Minister Georgina te Heuheu tells us –

A short, simple yet moving ceremony marking the customary laying of the mauri stone took place at the front steps of the new Supreme Court early this morning.

Local Te Atiawa elders Sam and June Jackson joined with the Minister for Courts, Hon Georgina te Heuheu, and judges of the Supreme Court to conduct the ceremony in the early hours.
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