Bugger the ballot box, bro – just bring in the barristers to beat the bastards

February 7, 2012

Alf is braced for race relations to become somewhat strained when Kiwis tumble to the implications of the Maori Council’s latest initiative.

The council is prepared to take the Government to court if it does not act in good faith over its Treaty of Waitangi obligations, a spokesman says.

According to the latest intelligence on this matter from Stuff-

The council will today lodge two claims to the Waitangi Tribunal over the Government’s plans to partially sell four state-owned energy companies.

Acting in good faith presumably means acting in a way that will pass muster with the Maori Council.

Hence it is likely to require the Government to do things that risk pissing off other citizens.

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A blow for free speech: Wi Popata has used the N word without Joris (so far) disapproving

February 6, 2012

Good news, old boy - Wi Popata says you don't have to be given a new name.

Dunno if this means Alf can put the N word back into his vocabulary.

Probably not.

But it’s heartening to learn that no arrests have been made – so far as Alf can ascertain at time of writing – in connection with the N word being bellowed at Maori politicians at Waitangi.

And Joris de Bres, our Race Relations Commissioner, has not denounced the use of the word during yet another boorish demonstration of hate and belligerence against The Boss and other political leaders.

Sure enough, the name Popata comes into the story.

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No, Hekia, all New Zealanders do not – alas -respect the laws of our lovely land

April 13, 2011

Is anything like this happening off the East Coast?

Alf’s gotta have a chat with Hekia Parata. She has been expressing some very strange beliefs on Morning Report.

Hekia – fine lady – was being questioned about the role of the police in protecting the Petrobras oil search from the greenies and stroppy Maori.

As Stuff reports, police issued maritime notices yesterday requiring the Greenpeace flotilla to remain at least 200 metres from the two ships.

The protesters face a fine of $10,000 or up to 12 months’ jail for breaching the notice.

The stroppy buggers were abiding by the 200m limit last night but will decide today whether to stick to it.

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Hone’s staffer is saying sorry – so what was it that should not have gone out in the email?

March 4, 2011

Nah, the contents are the same no matter how it is wrapped.

Alf likes to think he runs a very efficient office, although Mrs Grumble reckons actually it is she who does the running.

No matter. The reality is that no emails would ever be despatched without someone first reading it to ensure Alf’s enviable reputation would not be sullied by the contents or his association with them.

Things haven’t been running as sweetly in Hone Harawira’s office.

A mate of Alf, who knows someone who knows someone on Hone’s emailing list, has been the recipient of something that amounts to an apology.

This apology should be framed and kept for posterity, because apologies emerge from Hone’s office about as often as trains stop to drop off passengers at Eketahuna.

Mind you, the apology comes not from Hone but from Raewyn Harrison, his assistant (and a lovely lady, Alf hastens to add, notwithstanding her choice of boss).

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Yes, Hone could be a minister and given the job of sending malcontents back home

February 21, 2011

Maybe a Maori flag should look a bit more like this.

Alf has more in common with the stroppy Hone Harawira than he had imagined.

Hone – it transpires – wanted to become a minister when the Maori Party first went into coalition with National in 2008.

Alf wanted to be one too.

But whereas Alf has made plain his thwarted ambition from time to time in this blog, Hone hasn’t made much noise about his disappointment, although he makes a great deal of noise about all sorts of other things.

Now his ministerial aspirations have been flushed into the open by the leaking of a confidential statement by Hone’s caucus colleague, Te Ururoa Flavell.

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Piles of cow-papa are mounting in reports about Hone being disciplined in The Maori Way

February 2, 2011

On the other hand, we could pop down to the pub and talk things through.

What’s all this pap about “the Maori way”?

The expression has popped up in some media in their reports on signs of a partial reconciliation between Maori Party MPs Hone Harawira and Te Ururoa Flavell following a hui near Rotorua on Tuesday.

It looks like just another bit of political stoush to Alf, and it was triggered by comments Hone made in a newspaper article when he said voters were abandoning the Maori Party because it was coming off the rails and getting too close to National.

Dunno why anyone should complain about geting too close to National, or why that should drive sensible voters away, but that’s Hone for you, eh?

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When Standard & Poor’s exposes our savings problem, we can bank on the Maori Party providing a solution

November 25, 2010

You’ve got to admire the Maori Party’s zeal and gall, and its readiness to seize on any issue to promote a Maori approach to doing things.

Take savings, for example.

Savings (or our lack of them) has been the subject of heated discussion in recent days, since the Standard and Poor’s mob put the frighteners into us about our debt.

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If Maori advisory boards aren’t working, let’s save public money by scrapping them

October 16, 2010

Sandra Lee back in the news? Yep.

Alf had thought she had put herself out to pasture some time back, but she popped up on Radio NZ to blat about Maori representation in local government.

She insists the Auckland Council must act immediately to provide for Maori representation.

This is odd, because Alf was sure he had heard an interview on Morning Report earlier in the week with a Maori bloke who had been elected to the council.

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The Maori Party might be miffed – but not enough (it’s a fair bet) to give up their baubles or their Beehive influence

May 12, 2010

Alf supposes the Maori Party’s MPs avidly read this blog for a steer on what they should do.

Moreover, he supposes they read his post here yesterday and saw the great good sense in what Alf was saying:

Principles be buggered, it’s winning power and holding it that matters

Alf has done this supposing while munching his breakfast on learning that the Maori Party is signalling it will stay in Government.

Yep, the buggers have had a taste of power and the trappings that go with it.

Ministerial cars and what-have-you for two of them, and the buzz one gets from exercising political influence for all of them.

That influence is reflected in several decisions over the past year or so – flags flying on the Auckland harbour bridge, Tainui’s co-management of the Waikato River, the indigenous rights thing at the United Nations, whanau ora and so on.

The Maori Party MPs will want to keep flexing their muscle, despite a cooling of relations (a momentary cooling, Alf suggests) with Prime Minister John Key.

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