Let’s see if a $3000 vacuum cleaner can present an appropriate intellectual challenge for Paul Henry

June 9, 2010

What can a $3000 vacuum cleaner do that can’t be done by cheaper vacuum cleaners?

Alf would like to think such a super gadget not only can suck up every bit of dust in your house, but can grind coffee, send e-mails, play your favourite DVDs, massage your feet and roast a lump of lamb for good measure.

He raises the issue on learning of the warning being sounded by a widow who felt pressured into buying a $3000 vacuum cleaner.

Joy Peffers, 70, of Lower Hutt, bought the vacuum cleaner about two weeks ago, after a saleswoman came to her house in the guise of delivering a thank-you gift for completing a phone survey.

Now her family is preparing to lay a complaint with the Commerce Commission, saying the company – Living Longer New Zealand – pressured her into the sale.

Alf is bound to say the gadget has a wonderfully enticing name – it’s an Envirotect vacuum cleaner.
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Time for a Cabinet shake-up

October 16, 2009

Alf has sent his best suit and most handsome tie to the dry-cleaner to ensure he looks smart and ministerial, when he – as he expects – is called to the Ninth Floor of the Beehive next week.

He reckons he has a bloody good chance of becoming a minister in a cabinet shake-up, after the woeful performance of some of his colleagues this week.

And if John Key is not thinking about a cabinet shake-up, then he should (Alf will be dropping him an e-mail to that effect along with a copy of his CV).

Let’s face it. What happened this week has been a political and managerial disgrace.

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Something for the dead letter office

March 12, 2009

Some of us can’t complain about being reminded to pay long-overdue licence fees. Especially when we are a bit dead.

A German mathematician certainly can’t complain because he died 450 years ago. He is being chased nevertheless for unpaid TV and radio licence fees.
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