Zimbabwean underwear controls take elasticity out of the law of supply and demand

February 4, 2012

This photo was sent to Alf this week with a challenge: please explain what’s going on.

The hard-working member for Eketahuna North doesn’t know for sure the circumstances in which the photo was taken.

But he has a shrewd idea of what might be going on.

The picture no doubt was taken in a Chinese school and most of the lasses in the front row obviously were wearing made-in-China knickers.

The picture must have been taken before Zimbabwe’s authorities banned the importation of second-hand underwear.

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Caught napping – and meanwhile a central banker has been making a mint to help “”Grasping Grace”

December 28, 2010

Would our Labour Party be more successful if Phil Goff followed this example?

Alf stumbled upon news of Robert Mugabe becoming prone to snoozing more often than in the past.

Bearing in mind the bugger’s ripe old age, this should come as no surprise. Indeed, Alf is apt to drop off during tedious sessions in The House and sometimes during select committee hearings.

The problem seems to be that Mugagbe drops off at times when maybe he should be paying attention to what is happening because he is The Boss in his country.

He might be snoozing while his missus is making a mint trafficking diamonds, for example, although Alf emphasises the word ‘might’ . He further emphasises that the evidence for such a thing happening on this occasion comes from an American Ambassador, and American Ambassadors have been found to be more than a tad fanciful in what they report back to Washington from Wellington, so we should not expect them to do any better when they are reporting home from Harare.

Oh – and this is a nice touch – Zimbabwe’s central bank governor seems to be involved by printing the money needed to buy the diamonds.

Can you imagine Alan Bollard doing that for Mrs Key???

No, not really.

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