Don’t knock DoC – at least, not for the time it took to respond to an SOS about a stroppy fur seal

June 1, 2014
An armed police guard needed for me?

An armed police guard needed for me?

Alf has a great deal of sympathy for the elderly bloke who was attacked by a fur seal on the New Plymouth foreshore.

The unfortunate fellow was in a serious condition last night after incurring serious leg wounds just after 8am yesterday.

The mishap occurred on a popular shoreside walkway.

The victim is in his late 70s and presumably is not as frisky as he once was – not frisky enough, anyway, to escape the gnashers of a stroppy fur seal.

But the NZ Herald is not inclined to accept that this was an unfortunate accident.

Nope. There’s got to be a villain, other than the fur seal.

The Herald’s editors found their villain in the form of the Department of Conservation:

DoC under attack after seal badly hurts walker

How so?

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