Welcome back, the Popatas: Waitangi Day wouldn’t be fun without their researching and interviewing

February 5, 2011

"Are you ready for my first question, Prime Minister?"

Remember the Popatas, the Far North brothers who assaulted Prime Minister John Key outside a marae two years ago “in a rush of blood” because of their concern over land being confiscated from Maori?

Who could forget them.

First, they are two of our special citizens, thanks to our Govenment signing up to some indigenous peoples nonsense at the United Nations.

Second, they have great jobs: John Junior Popata, 33, described himself as a researcher, and Wikatana Popata, 19, says he is an interviewer.

And third, of course, they roughed up the PM in full view of hundreds of people, admitted the assault – and virtually got off scot-free.

Only in New Zealand, eh?

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A blind eye is turned to Waitangi Day koha – so can other businesses charge discriminatory fees?

February 3, 2011

Horatio Nelson...he would have spotted the discrimination even if he looked with his blind eye.

Alf was driven yesterday to question what is so big deal about the Maori way of sorting out Hone Harawira’s differences with the rest of his Maori Party caucus.

Today he is looking into The Maori Way of plundering the Pakeha news media.

At first glimpse it seems calculated to land the buggers in big trouble with the Race Relations police.

Plans are afoot to impose a $1000 fee on the general media to go on to a marae on Waitangi Day, but no fee will be imposed on Maori media.


Does anyone get the faintest whiff of discrimination here?

Alf imagines opening up a business – let’s say – as a barber.

He will offer free haircuts to the general population.

But if you are a Maori he will whop you with a $50 charge for his services.

No, he won’t go broke, because long before his capital has evaporated we can count on a warning shot being fired across his bows by Joris de Bres, and if the warning is ignored, he will be prosecuted.

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Piles of cow-papa are mounting in reports about Hone being disciplined in The Maori Way

February 2, 2011

On the other hand, we could pop down to the pub and talk things through.

What’s all this pap about “the Maori way”?

The expression has popped up in some media in their reports on signs of a partial reconciliation between Maori Party MPs Hone Harawira and Te Ururoa Flavell following a hui near Rotorua on Tuesday.

It looks like just another bit of political stoush to Alf, and it was triggered by comments Hone made in a newspaper article when he said voters were abandoning the Maori Party because it was coming off the rails and getting too close to National.

Dunno why anyone should complain about geting too close to National, or why that should drive sensible voters away, but that’s Hone for you, eh?

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