It looks like Standard fare – you celebrate because the Nats’ poll support has fallen to 50%

September 3, 2014
"If you ask me about a capital gains tax today, I think I know the answer."

“If you ask me about a capital gains tax today, I think I know the answers.”

It looks awfully as if a writer at The Standard has been puffing much too much of the stuff that the Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party would like to legalise.

Or imbibing too much in Alf’s favourite tipple.

Scribbling his observations under the name mickysavage, he is admitting that a month ago he was very pessimistic about the left’s chances in this election.

And well he might.

The media narrative was very negative and was having its effect. Morale was low. And the Beehive inspired and Slater directed attacks on David Cunliffe were relentless.

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Death sentences for bolshie bloggers seems a bit steep – but would society benefit?

January 28, 2012

It’s great to be blogging from the security of the home office here in Eketahuna.

Alf would have second thoughts about expressing his thoughts on some matters if he was operating out of a house in – let’s say – Iran.

He is valuing his freedom of expression today having learned that the authorities there have arrested at least half a dozen journalists and bloggers.

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The outfit that hates poor people alas has just lost NZ’s first-ever Sikh MP from its membership

February 20, 2011

Life is a matter of making the right choices.

Alf is somewhat astonished to learn that Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi, the first Sikh to be elected to our Parliament, is backing away from giving folks the impression he might regard beneficiaries as “freeloaders”.

Alf’s astonishment is that many citizens similarly have a dim view of beneficiaries.

And so they would be sympathetic about his membership – but only until Friday – of the Facebook group “I hate poor people”.

It seems he had been signed up to the group since 2009.

The group has 398 members, according to the Sunday Star-Times.

This makes it a somewhat sad little outfit, woefully lacking in good organising skills, bearning in mind it was set up to express displeasure at those on benefits and low incomes.

Alf reckons he could whip up 398 new members in a 30-minute stroll through a suburb like Remuera or Khandallah.

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So who’s out of touch, when it comes to gloom?

April 7, 2009

The lefties put an interesting spin on Vernon Small’s Dom-Post story today portending a further 60,000 workers losing their jobs by next year.

Note Alf’s use of the word “portending”. This is the stuff of economic forecasting, notoriously subject to change.

Just take a look at the positive forecasts from the Treasury in December 2007, which fast came unravelled as the recession took hold in 2008.

Never mind. Small sees this as jolly good stuff for a story.
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From left and right, he’s a Dick

March 31, 2009

Any sympathy for Dick Worth on the blogosphere – or anywhere, for that matter – after The Boss reprimanded him over that conflict of interest stuff raised by his trip to India?

None that was found during a somewhat hasty check this morning.

But Alf has an inkling of sympathy. He observes that Dick (according to a brief biography on the Beehive website) has “strong connections” with the Korean, Indian and Chinese communities and is president of the Hong Kong New Zealand Business Association, and chairman of both the India Trade Group Inc and the Korea/New Zealand Business Council. Or was.

Moreover, he enjoys Bollywood films, Korean classical music and the early works of Sun Tzu.
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Perplexing stuff about copyright

February 20, 2009

Okay, maybe Clare Curran deserves more respect than Alf gave her when she criticised the Nats’ for scrapping the Government Shared Network (GSN).

Yesterday she showed admirable grit by trying to stymie the most controversial of changes to our copyright laws.

She was rebuffed (sad to say) by the Nats.

Alf is bemused about his government. Refusing to budge on a matter notoriously championed by Labour’s dippy Judith Tizard – and by nobody much else, so far as Alf can see – is the stuff of farce.
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