Hone’s staffer is saying sorry – so what was it that should not have gone out in the email?

March 4, 2011

Nah, the contents are the same no matter how it is wrapped.

Alf likes to think he runs a very efficient office, although Mrs Grumble reckons actually it is she who does the running.

No matter. The reality is that no emails would ever be despatched without someone first reading it to ensure Alf’s enviable reputation would not be sullied by the contents or his association with them.

Things haven’t been running as sweetly in Hone Harawira’s office.

A mate of Alf, who knows someone who knows someone on Hone’s emailing list, has been the recipient of something that amounts to an apology.

This apology should be framed and kept for posterity, because apologies emerge from Hone’s office about as often as trains stop to drop off passengers at Eketahuna.

Mind you, the apology comes not from Hone but from Raewyn Harrison, his assistant (and a lovely lady, Alf hastens to add, notwithstanding her choice of boss).

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