Let’s start with a sobriety test in the Emergency Department – those who flunk must pick up the tab

September 12, 2014


Alf’s party colleague Tony Ryall is retiring from politics at this election, to take up employment in the private sector he said at the time he made his announcement.

His retirement opens the way for a new Minister of Health to be appointed and – ahem – this post is intended to remind The Boss of the talents of the Member for Eketahuna North.

Ryall said he was proud of his work as Health Minister, especially in the areas of elective surgery, faster cancer treatment, and preventive health care.

Fair enough. But Alf is focused on the emergency wards of our hospitals and their workloads.

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Here’s another urgent issue to address to shake off the shackles of colonialism (or so say Maori nurses)

February 3, 2014

We have to listen very carefully, when our Treaty partners complain about a raw deal.

If we don’t they are apt to mount a case to the Waitangi Tribunal, and the next thing you know a judgement has been made in their favour and the Government is being told how badly it is behaving.

This being so, Alf jumped to attention when he heard a nurses’ group complain that…

…it believes the colonial process is coming down like a big hammer on Maori health providers.

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No, we mustn’t blame parents for fattening their brats – Prof Swinburn says it’s the Govt’s fault

December 19, 2013

So we have spawned a nation of fat brats and – guess what? – it’s the Government’s fault.

Yep. the country’s sprogs have been getting steadily fatter, according to new Ministry of Health figures. They show 85,000 Kiwi kids are now obese.

The full report can be read here.

Alf won’t be bothering. He is content with the information he gleaned from TVNZ in their report here.

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If Maori are to be treated properly, they should be allowed a healthy dose of racial discrimination

September 11, 2013

If Maori are to be treated properly, they should be allowed a healthy dose of racial discrimination

When Alf is poorly and needs medical treatment, he goes for it.

He does not inquire about the ethnicity of the medics who will treat him. He has been treated by doctors, dentists, physiotherapists and so on of all persuasions.

Accordingly he considers it neither here nor there that no statistics are being kept to tell us how the country’s medical work force stacks up on an ethnicity measure.

In a country that professes to be intolerant of racial discrimination, this is well and good.

Except that…

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Hurrah – the Danes can show us why imposing a fat tax is not healthy for the economy

November 16, 2012

If Parekura trimmed down a bit, it would be easier to pull him out of this mire.

Dunno when greenies like Sue Kedgley first started squawking for a fat tax, but she was certainly banging on about it in 2004.

In a press released in August that year (here, Sue urged the Clark Government to investigate a ‘fat tax’.

She said it should start with soft drinks to tackle the growing problem of obesity, as proposed by Diabetes New Zealand and Fight the Obesity Epidemic, in combination with other measures.

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Govt has not abandoned hungry kids (and it is considering fattening some TV moguls, too)

October 9, 2012

Dunno what them tossers at Radio NZ think they are up to.

They posted an item on their website (here) about we Nats not caring about starving kids.

This, of course, is a calumny.

The item started by saying:

The Government is being accused of not taking child poverty seriously and leaving schools to come up with the resources to feed hungry children.

The item is based on official papers released to the Green Party.

Alf has not seen these papers but Radio NZ says they show Health Minister Tony Ryall originally approved extending the scheme from decile 1 and 2 schools to include decile 3 schools.

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Four deaths among college lads raise questions – but the 13 deaths of Kawerau youths raise many more

June 13, 2011

So who is troubled by what's happening here?

A good question is raised at Roarprawn today under a post headed THE SNOBBERY OF DEATH

The Busted Blonde has been fired up by the overdose of media attention being paid to a “spate” of deaths among students at Kings College and the subsequent wringing of hands.

She goes on –

Our best and brightest are in trouble. But what about the public reaction to 13 deaths of teenage boys in Kawarau?

This is a far more disturbing trend. But they are brown and they are poor. And you would think judging by the public and media reaction to their deaths compared to the deaths of the Kings College students that they don’t matter at all.

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Shut up or clock out – the Carlisle way of getting value for money from public servants

January 30, 2011

If she must photocopy her bum, she should sign out first (and pay for the power and materials consumed).

Alf will be approaching our Minister of State Services, the admirable Tony Ryall, to suggest he contact the Carlisle City Council where he is bound to pick up a few bloody good tips that will improve public-service productivity.

Applying the advice and getting a better deal for taxpayers won’t be popular, mind you.

The council is copping a bit of flak from whinging staff over some of its rules, but dammit, public money is at stake.

And so – for example – it has ordered employees to clock out if they want to talk about the weather, holidays or babies.

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Getting cancer is bad enough but it’s worse if you happen to live in the central North Island

January 3, 2011

So my advice to you, young man, is to persuade your parents to stay here in Zimbabwe and not emigrate to Palmerston North.

Alf is braced for a hard time, next time he turns up at the Eketahuna Club.

He has been badly let down by his colleague, Tony Ryall, our Minister of Health.

Ryall declined to be questioned on Radio NZ’s Summer Report this morning about a shortage of oncologists and the axing of chemotherapy for some patients by the central North Island cancer treatment service.

Under the new rules, MidCentral District Health Board no longer will accept referrals for patients who are less likely to benefit from the treatments.

Less likely to benefit?

Who will make this life-or-death decision?

Oh, yes. Doctors.

This is deeply disturbing.

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Without a good old-fashioned blood-letting at the Ministry of Health, how will it get better?

December 18, 2010

But if there are no bits left over, won't the restructuring be a waste of time?

Dunno what exactly is going at the Ministry of Health.

It certainly doesn’t look like a blood-letting.

But the Public Service Association is bleating that “a substantial number of redundancies” may result from the latest restructuring.

According to Radio New Zealand –

Uncertainty surrounds the future of many jobs at the ministry, which is introducing a new policy advice structure in February.

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