Calls for getting rid of religious hate are welcomed but who will fight for Kate’s honour?

September 20, 2012

St George…so where is his modern-day equivalent?

Where are the bloody champions of civilized behaviour when a lady’s honour needs defending?

Alf raises this question after a bunch of religious leaders condemned the film that has sparked violent protests among the world’s Muslims and extreme reactions to it.

They have issued a statement (here) through the Office of Joris de Bres, the Race Relations Commissioner.

The statement is not likely to do a fat rat of good where it matters, which is among mad bastards who want to provoke Muslims with their ill-considered movies, cartoons, books or whatever, or among those Muslims with low tolerance thresholds who don’t need much of a pretext to declare a jihad or go on the rampage.

Some of the provocateurs on the publishing side of the issue can be found in France.

A bunch of feeble-witted Frogs has been involved in the publication of inflammatory cartoons of The Prophet Mohammad.

Are they really so short-changed in the thinking department that they don’t realise cartoons of this sort trigger much the same reaction as a match being tossed into a tank of petrol?

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Bugger bringing in the lawyers over pix of Kate’s bare boobs – this outrage calls for a war declaration

September 15, 2012

As an ardent monarchist, Alf is dismayed by news that a French magazine has published topless photographs of the Duchess of Cambridge.

Mind you, his dismay was tinged with puzzlement for a while, because when the media said these were topless photographs – well, did they mean someone had cut the tops off the photos, and if so how much of the photos remained and what did they show?

A closer reading of newspaper reports on the matter shows dismay was the appropriate reaction, because we are talking of – ahem – photos of bare bosoms.

This being so, it is fit and proper that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have begun legal proceedings against the French magazine which did the publishing.

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