Strict UK rules constrain the questioning of terror suspects – so please don’t shout or throw insults

December 14, 2014
Sorry, but we haven't trained the dog to bark quietly yet.

Sorry, but we haven’t trained the dog to muffle his snarling yet.

Dunno why the bloody Brits don’t just wave a flag of surrender and tell the world’s terrorists to come and take over the country.

Alf makes this observation on learning that British soldiers have “lost their capability” to interrogate terrorist insurgents because of strict new rules on questioning.

He would be inclined to slap these suspects around a bit and maybe stick a knee into their goolies.

But nah. This isn’t cricket, old boy.

Hollering “howzat” would not be permitted within earshot of a terrorist suspect because the rules are seriously restrictive. They …

* Ban shouting in captives’ ears. Yep. Seriously.

* They prevent military intelligence officers from banging their fists on tables or walls,

* And they ban the use of “insulting words” when interrogating a suspect.


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How does the UN eliminate human rights abuses? By giving the elimination task to seasoned abusers

May 22, 2011

"Come and read this, Eva - the UN has put Austria on its Human Rights Council."

Alf’s laughter after the naming of new appointments to the UN Human Rights Council could be heard throughout Eketahuna North.

The idea that the world’s human rights should be placed in the care of some of these countries (some would say all) is absurd.

According to the Press Release, six countries that have never previously served on the council are among 15 new members of the Geneva-based body.

It was all deliciously democratic and involved a round of balloting among UN Member States.

It would be great to know which ratbag countries NZ supported.

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