Give the OIC rubber stamp to a chimp but first let’s take a harder look at the buyup of the Crafar farms

March 26, 2010

Alf is bound to agree with the xenophobic Campaign Against Foreign Control of Aotearoa on this occasion.

Cafca regards Federated Farmers as “unbelievably naive” in its reaction to news of a mysterious Chinese company hoping to spend a few billion on dairy farms.

Fair enough.

The feds described the wheeling and dealing in dairy farms as an “unintended consequence” of the NZ/China Free Trade Agreement. ”


Pull the other one, says Cafca.

There’s nothing unintended about this consequence, this is how “free” trade agreements are supposed to work. They all come with embedded investment agreements which protect the rights of investors from the countries which are party to the Agreement, and those foreign investors’ rights are backed up by the force of legal sanction.

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US-Canada trade war is bad news for NZ

May 16, 2009

It sounded like the stuff for celebration, especially in farm communities keen to have American trade barriers knocked down.

Barack Obama and Alf’s boss chatted on the phone for 15 minutes on Thursday, and the American President is reported to have been sympathetic to free trade with New Zealand.

Or rather, seemed sympathetic. You miss out on the body language, in a phone call.

“I raised with him the issues of free trade and pointed out to him that it was very important to New Zealand,” Mr Key said. “He seemed sympathetic to that, I thought, and made it clear it was something that was on the agenda for us …”

The Herald reminded us the Obama Administration has yet to decide whether it will continue with talks in the Trans Pacific Partnership, a trade deal that began with New Zealand and Singapore, then Brunei and Chile.

The United States, Australia, Peru, and Vietnam said last year they wanted to join.
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