Blogger raises questions about Martin Devlin’s missus – but does anyone (besides the HoS) give a toss?

June 5, 2011

Martin Devlin’s missus is among those who have become the subjects of the Herald on Sunday’s inclination to trivial pursuits.

This time the rag’s hacks draw public attention to how she phoned somone during work time (we must suppose they have never used company phones for private business).

Obviously they are short of genuine scandals this week.

Oh, and they have taken this phone call as a frail pretext for publishing – yet again – the sports broadcaster’s photo.

The HoS item which carries the photo (in the on-line version, anyway) is breathlessly headed Devlin’s wife in strife at threats.

Oh dear.

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Another blow to gravitas

March 3, 2009

A bothersome observation is recorded by Adam Smith 1922 at The Inquiring Mind.

As he puts it –

Reading the NZ Herald today Adam noticed, well actually took more account of the fact that the space where Colin James column used to be is now occupied with a regular column by Noelle McCarthy.

So the Herald dropped Colin James and replaced him with the frothings of McCarthy. Incredible!

Yes, incredible. But by no means surprising.

That’s what today’s newspaper editors are doing to fill the diminishing space between the ads (and probably explains why the buggers are struggling to hold their circulations). Celebrity comes before authority, trivia before gravitas.

The Dominion-Post – to give them their due – has been smart enough to grab Colin James, one of the country’s pre-eminent political analysts and writers, for a weekly Saturday column.