In September Jamie Whyte was going to Parliament, Act brayed … and then he was poll-axed

October 3, 2014

So Jamie Whyte has thrown in the towel. For now, anyway.

He has resigned asĀ  leader of the Act Party after failing to secure a seat in last month’s election.

According to this report in the Herald:

“Today I announce that I have tendered, and the board has accepted, my resignation as Leader of Act New Zealand,” Mr Whyte said in a statement.

“Clearly I make this announcement with regret, however the election result is clear, and I must now turn to my career and my family.

“I stood to lead Act because I believe in the party’s ideas. I will continue to advance these ideas both inside and outside the Party. I do not rule out returning to a substantial role with Act in the future.”

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Phil Goff is wonderfully optimistic despite the latest poll result – or is he merely delusional?

July 19, 2011

But we'll catch up with the Nats when voters have digested that tax stuff - won't we?

It takes a great deal of gall to be discussing your victory prospects, when the polls are saying you are on a hiding to nothing.

But in politics, it’s fair to say, giving any hint of doubt about becoming the next Prime Miniser would result in sad old Phil Goff being sent to the knackers’ yard by his self-serving colleagues.

And so we are subjected to the risible news that Goff says he is confident his party can win the election despite the latest poll showing support at a dire 10-year low.

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