Bollocks about the best place to live

April 6, 2009

Bullshit often flows from the capital, and more often than not is best ignored. But the pong from today’s flow was a bit rich for Alf.

A press release from the Wellington City Council, posted at Scoop, is headed: “Wellington is the best place to live, survey reveals”.

The council spin doctors warble:

Wellingtonians have the best quality of life in New Zealand, according to a national survey released today.

The bullshit is exposed by the data in the very next sentence:
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Inner-city folk hanker for a rural life

March 24, 2009

Alf was musing on what a helluva life it must be, living in cities where thugs arm themselves to steal Easter eggs, when he came across the results of a survey affirming what he suspected: most rural dwellers are happy where they live; central city dwellers are least happy.

A media release from UMR Research Ltd said:

Almost all rural folk are happy where they live, but one in three central city dwellers would like to live somewhere else.
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