The health benefits from baccy taxes are obvious – but taxpayers will cough up more in the long run

January 3, 2015

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Another study is promoting the line that raising taxes on cigarettes would stop people smoking, thereby saving millions of lives.

The study reckons that raising taxes would have a three-pronged benefit – saving lives, cutting smoker numbers and generating revenue.

Just one thing: a successful policy will dissuade smokers from continuing with their habit, and the more successful the policy, the fewer smokers remain to pay the tax.

So how can the Government coffers benefit from that?

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It was great to see the comma-nists at war, but Vampire Weekend puts things in perspective

July 5, 2011

Praise be, the sky will not fall in and the world will not end tomorrow, although Alf is aware of what Harold Camping is predicting and will feel much cheerier about he future if we are still here on October 12.

Mind you, Harold wasn’t in good shape last time Alf checked, and so he might not make it through to October 11 to bask in the satisfaction he was right, if that’s the way things turn out.

But let’s not digress.

The world will not end immediately.

And the Oxford comma has not been snuffed.

But it looked like touch and go for a while.

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