Anna Paquin and her hubby show their Green streak – but they didn’t arrive in the capital on bicycles

August 17, 2014

Warning: if you play with these things you could finish up supporting the Greens.

Warning: if you play with these things you could finish up turning green.

Alf observes that Anna Paquin, an actress, and her husband, Stephen Moyer, have landed in Wellington.


The Herald on Sunday account of this earthquake-shaking event goes on to say their arrival lends some heavyweight celebrity endorsement to the Greens.

The Greens doubtless need to be propped up by celebrities, given that their policies don’t amount to much.

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Take away the school playground rules and look what happens – the kids are smarter and happier

January 27, 2014


Here’s another “hurrah” post from National’s branch HQ in Eketanuna North.

It is a big hurrah of approval for happenings in Auckland, a city which Alf generally recommends is best avoided.

But obviously some good things go on in Auckland.

Whale Oil is based there, for example, which means his mighty blog is brought to us each day from that city.

We have learned today of another good thing happening in Auckland – the ripping up of the playground rulebook at one of its schools.

The consequence is to affirm what Alf has long believed.

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German provocation

August 9, 2009

Uh, oh. Michael Lance, described in the NZ Herald as one of the country’s most experienced district court judges, has been charged in relation to an incident – mentioned by Alf a few weeks ago – allegedly involving the vandalising of a car with a set of keys.

Judge Lance would normally sit at the bench in the North Shore District Court, the newspaper tells us, but this week he was charged in the court with the wilfully damaging a vehicle parked across the driveway of his $1 million North Shore apartment in March.
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