When Kiwis say they like greens, they obviously aren’t referring to our muesli-munching MPs

September 16, 2013

Alf had a nasty turn this morning. But don’t fret, constituents. He quickly bounced back.

His nasty turn was triggered by a headline on the NZ Herald website.

Kiwis have soft spot for greens – survey

Good grief. At first blush, this was much more upsetting than news that Oracle had won another America’s Cup race in San Francisco.

It was more upsetting, too, than the hysterical blathering from the America’s Cup commentator who kept crying “go you good thing” during the second race this morning. At one point he screamed about how we desperately needed this point.

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Food for thought (and for debunking food milers)

February 21, 2009

There’s a great piece at Reasonline, an article from Reason magazine headed “The Food Miles Mistake” and sub-headed “Saving the planet by eating New Zealand apples”.

It challenges the notion promoted by numb-nuts in the muesli mob and like-minded activists that eating local foods should be a moral obligation because locally produced foods (they insist) are better for the planet than foods shipped thousands of miles across oceans and continents.

According to these activists, as the article explains, shipping foods over long distances results in the unnecessary emission of the greenhouse gases that are warming the planet. This concern has given rise to the concept of “food miles,” that is, the distance food travels from farm to plate.
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