So you can’t stand the sight of greens? There’s a word for it (other than “wise” and “discerning”)

October 11, 2013
Luncheon options...

Luncheon options…

Dunno what Russel Norman and his muesli-munching mates will make of this.

But news has reached your hard-working MP of a vegetarian who can’t stomach … ha! … greens.

This is a condition which afflicts all right-thinking Nats.

But whoa. In this case, Alf was mistaken.

This involves a British sheila who hasn’t eaten any greens for 21 years (and now all she eats is sweets and crisps)

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Tickling this PETA would be a nice job for BB

April 20, 2009

PETA needs someone like BB and BB would benefit from membership of PETA.

Alf, accordingly, has sent her name to them with an application for immediate membership and a bit of stuff about how she could do for PETA’s media coverage what an unfortunate burst of domestic violence has done for Tony Veitch. Get its name all over the front pages of our newspapers and heavy coverage on radio and TV.

PETA is shorthand for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (although there’s no need to remember this, because their cause is an eminently unmemorable one).

They desperately need good public relations advice, although – even better – they desperately need to find a better cause to peddle.

They banged out a statement on Friday pleading with Environment Minister Nick Smith to become a vegetarian to reduce carbon emissions.
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