Nobbling them in the balls is the answer, when violence passes from one generation to the next

May 1, 2013

An obvious case has arisen in favour of compulsory emasculation, or whatever chemical treatment achieves the same effect, which in this case would be intended to stop a killer gene from being passed from one generation to the next.

Alf is mindful that greenies, lefties and other assorted tossers will see his views on this matter as evidence he might be inclined to Nazi practices.

No matter. He will promote the idea anyway, after reading the dreadful case of the young killer who apparently was seen licking his victim’s blood after stabbing him.

But even more dreadful is that this brute has followed in his father’s and grandfather’s violent footsteps.

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Now the bloody Poms will be queuing for booze

May 28, 2009

Alf had never planned visiting Oldham. But if someone had invited him, and offered to pay the fare – well, he might have been tempted.

But no longer.

Not since learning that, under plans drawn up by Liberal Democrat-controlled Oldham Council, all 22 pubs in the town centre will have to comply with barmy new rules requiring customers to stand in queues to get a drink.

Apparently, the 2003 Licensing Act allows British police and trading standards officers to apply for variations in a pub licence if there is concern about drink-related violence and disorder.

And so –

Drinkers in pubs are to be told to stand in a queue and banned from ordering more than two drinks at a time at the bar.
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