Woman who lied to Winz had better get used to making a buck in India – by begging, maybe

September 23, 2012

It’s not as demanding as being a barista…

Are we supposed to sympathise with a silly woman who lied to welfare officials to get more money?

More of my money and yours, by the way.

As a sob story, accordingly, what this bint did does not amount to much.

But the Herald on Sunday is dining out on it here.

A young mother facing a new life in India has spoken of her regret after telling Work and Income she had split from her husband so she could get a bigger benefit.

Now the family faces an uncertain future as her husband is ordered out of the country.

So – have we got this right? – she did the lying but he is being ordered out.

And she deserves our sympathy – why, exactly?

Or is the story merely intended to serve as a lesson against lying?

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Being a rugby buff is splendid – but NZ won’t let Frank in until he becomes a democrat

January 31, 2011

Signing this adds the Rugby Union presidency to my titles - and I rather fancy selecting myself as captain of the national team.

Alf applauds Murray McCully for promptly giving the lie to a silly Sunday Star-Times high up-and-under on the prospect of Fiji’s dictator being wined and dined in New Zealand at the taxpayer’s expense.

The increasingly tatty rag said New Zealand would be obliged to host the dictator and his thuggish brother-in-law at the Rugby World Cup if – as can’t be ruled out – they become top dogs at the Fiji Rugby Union.

But as everyone knows, Fiji’s, military leaders are not welcome in this country.

And as the Herald reports today, that position is being maintained by the admirable McCully.

Soon after the SST had delivered its bilge to its readers, our Foreign Minister was laying down the law on the matter of Frank Barmy-Banana.

He made plain that the Government will refuse a visa for Fiji’s unelected leader and military commander during the Rugby World Cup.

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