Putin proves himself a pantywaist by going soft and pappy on those trouble-makers from Greenpeace

December 28, 2013

The Grumbles were never much enthused by the Olympic Games and similar international extravaganzas, although we are apt to be more captivated when the event is the Rugby World Cup and the All Blacks emerge the winners.

Our indifferent attitude to the Olympics has been turned to serious disapproval by news from Russia about the pending Winter Olympics.

This event has prompted President Putin to become uncharacteristically liberal in his attitude to criminals of both the proven and the yet-to-be-tried variety (who strictly speaking are not guilty until proven otherwise).

Into the latter category we can place at least some and maybe all of the 30 crew members of a Greenpeace protest ship who were arrested by the Russian authorities.

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Erotic calendar is a winner with Alf – but muzzling the malcontents has its merits

October 9, 2010

Mrs Grumble is considering something similar for John Key's birthday.

A battle of the calendars is being waged in Russia, prompting Alf’s mates at the Eketahuna Club to muse on how a similar battle might shape up in this country.

In Russia, 12 scantily clad women oozing praise for Vladimir Putin are stacked up against six stern-looking female students demanding human rights.

Alf reckons it’s a no-contest, simply on a numbers basis – six versus 12.

Oh, and then there’s the advantage the pro-Putin mob has gained by stripping to their undies, which means they are much better clad for combat of this sort.

It’s all happening at Moscow State University, according to news reports sweeping the world, after the publishing on Thursday of an erotic calendar by students at the university’s journalism faculty in celebration of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin’s birthday.

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A good old-fashioned sacking worked in Canterbury – so why not with the maddening Mayor of Moscow?

September 29, 2010

Moscow's Red Square early in August ... can anyone see the Mayor?

Alf is delighted to report that Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has taken a leaf out of the Key Government’s book on how to deal with pain-in-the-arse local body politicians.

Dmitry has sacked Moscow mayor Yuri Luzhkov.

This Luzhkov bloke has been Mayor of Russia’s capital since 1992.

Sky News credits him with transforming Moscow from a grey Soviet city into a glitzy, gritty showcase of the nation’s booming economy and its glaring problems.

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