FIRST Union wants supermarkets to pay the same wage but doesn’t mention competitive pricing

November 16, 2014

Alf seems to be missing something about that wonderful element in our economy called free enterprises.

This is the idea that one business can compete with another by offering better quality, or lower prices, and so on.

It requires business people to strive for efficiencies to trim their costs.

Labour costs are part of this.

But the FIRST Union apparently would prefer all supermarkets to pay much the same wages.

Presumably it expects them to charge the same prices, too.

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When men are paid more than women, maybe there’s something more at work than equal effort

November 12, 2012

The grouching Greenies have given further good cause to be kept in opposition permanently – or (even better) booted out of Parliament.

They are saying our splendid National Government needs to take responsibility for increasing gender pay inequity.

Their silly demands (recorded here) have been triggered by the latest wage statistics.

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