TGH boss should watch out for the knives as he pitches for a few more million dollars

October 4, 2014
The board is backing who wants him out?

The board is backing him…so who wants him out?

Waikato-Tainui, the indigenous persons who occupy the Waikato region, seem to have learned something from the Labour Party.

The something they seem to have learned is the art of challenging – if not overthrowing – theĀ  leadership.

Alf learns this today from the local rag in that neck of the woods.

Attempts are being made to unseat the boss of Waikato’s economic powerhouse Tainui Group Holdings, in a document questioning his leadership appearing ahead of a crucial meeting this weekend.

But chief executive Mike Pohio’s supporters say it’s a smear campaign ahead of a big request for funds from the tribe to finance the company’s ambitious growth plans.

Nobody seems to be willing to put their hands up and identify themselves as being part of the overthrow plot.

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The Maori King didn’t piss around – he made plain who owns the water (and it isn’t the Crown)

September 14, 2012

Waikato-Tainui accepted a co-governance deal – but now they want the lot.

Alf must have missed something somewhere about this water malarkey.

First, he was led to believe Maori claims to water were something to do with rights, not actual ownership.

Second, he was led to believe Pita Sharples would not attend the national hui set up by that Maori king bloke in the Waikato.

Just a few weeks ago the Waitangi Tribunal – urging the Government to halt the partial sale of Mighty River Power – said the partial privatisation would affect the Government’s ability to make redress to Maori rights in water.

It called for an urgent national hui to find solutions to questions around how Maori rights over fresh water are recognised.

The Government duly delayed the Mighty River Power float until next March or April.

It said it would consult iwi associated with waterways used by Mighty River Power but rejected any pan-Maori approach to settle water claims.

But Maori obviously intend to up the ante in their campaign to control all our water before they move on to take control of the wind and the air we breath.

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Oh look – Ngai Tahu have cashed in on forestry land by selling it to foreigners

October 4, 2011

We hear a lot of stuff about Maori having this world view that differs from the non-Maori world view and includes very different attitudes to land and resources.

Tukoroirangi Morgan, from Waikato Tainui, is among those who would have us believe Maori manage their assets differently from the result of us.

A few weeks ago he was in full blather about his plan to form a consortium of iwi, land trusts and incorporations to buy stakes in any state-owned enterprises that may be part-privatised if National is re-elected in November.

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