Oh look – an altar-cation in Oamaru where the Environment Court seems to have lost its marbles

August 13, 2010

Alf has huge sympathy for a bunch of nuns who are being heavied by the boorish townsfolk of Oamaru.

The nuns want a 90-year-old marble altar shifted. The bloody townsfolk say it must stay in Oamaru.

If Alf were the nuns, he would tell the townsfolk to piss off, although he accepts that nuns maybe are trained to eschew bluntly expressed and easily comprehended commands of that sort.

More important, telling the townsfolk to piss off would not do the trick in this case because the boorish townsfolk have gone through a bit of legal howz-your-father aimed at obliging the nuns to get a resource consent to move the altar.

A bloody resource consent??? Really???
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