A blow for free speech: Wi Popata has used the N word without Joris (so far) disapproving

February 6, 2012

Good news, old boy - Wi Popata says you don't have to be given a new name.

Dunno if this means Alf can put the N word back into his vocabulary.

Probably not.

But it’s heartening to learn that no arrests have been made – so far as Alf can ascertain at time of writing – in connection with the N word being bellowed at Maori politicians at Waitangi.

And Joris de Bres, our Race Relations Commissioner, has not denounced the use of the word during yet another boorish demonstration of hate and belligerence against The Boss and other political leaders.

Sure enough, the name Popata comes into the story.

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Gracelessness in the genes

February 10, 2009

Mum ranks among the country’s best-known harpies, so no-one should be surprised to find Hone Harawira a tad deficient when it comes to upholding concepts of decency, decorum and basic courtesies in the same way as we do here in Northern Eketahuna.

Even so, Alf is disappointed to learn that Hone is expressing a graceless attitude to the assault – oops, maybe it’s still an alleged assault – on the Prime Minister last week.

In a column published in the Northland Age today, Harawira explains –
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