Farmers should forget about fallible forecasters and simply keep a weather eye on their flocks

August 17, 2011

Swimming weather tomorrow? Baa, humbug!

It is a measure of the fallibility of forecasters that a bunch of the buggers could be seen jumping for joy on MetService’s roof on Monday.

Celebrating what, exactly?

Ha! They were celebrating getting it right.

They had accurately forecast the Wellington snowfall.

If Alf were to celebrate every time he got something right, he would be permanently pissed. Come to think of it, that’s not a bad idea.

Mind you, the weather forecasters don’t seem to have larruped into any booze, when they did their celebrating, which is a very strange way of celebrating.

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Looking on the sunny side down south

May 3, 2009

Invercargill looks an unlikely winner of the sunniest-city title, and its local newspaper editor seems to be only too aware of that reality.

Hence he tartly points out (in respect of the spat between Blenheim and Whakatane about which of them is entitled to be crowned New Zealand’s sunshine capital) that this is

less widely known as the Melanoma-Risk Capital.

He does not go further and claim the least-melanoma-risky title for his city.

As for the city with the most sunshine:
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