No thanks, to that invitation to go naked – not during a weather bomb nor during the clean-up

October 13, 2012

You’ve got to say the timing is unfortunate.

The naturists are calling for free-spirited individuals to bare all as part of an upcoming awareness week.

At the same time the media are warning us of a big and nasty storm.

So who wants to get their kit off in those circumstances?

Nor during the inevitable clean-up afterwards, which may well call for Alf to get out there with his trusty chainsaw.

Just one slip and…

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Farmers should forget about fallible forecasters and simply keep a weather eye on their flocks

August 17, 2011

Swimming weather tomorrow? Baa, humbug!

It is a measure of the fallibility of forecasters that a bunch of the buggers could be seen jumping for joy on MetService’s roof on Monday.

Celebrating what, exactly?

Ha! They were celebrating getting it right.

They had accurately forecast the Wellington snowfall.

If Alf were to celebrate every time he got something right, he would be permanently pissed. Come to think of it, that’s not a bad idea.

Mind you, the weather forecasters don’t seem to have larruped into any booze, when they did their celebrating, which is a very strange way of celebrating.

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