Thanks for the lesson in wisdom, Daisy – but who owns moa bones found on a public beach?

January 10, 2015
"Betcha I'll be famous when they find my bones on the beach in a few hundred years..."

“Betcha I’ll be famous when they find my bones on the beach in a few hundred years…”

Alf has acquired some more wisdom this morning, even though he already was well blessed in this department.

He has learned it is unwise to pick things up on a public beach and then try to sell them.

He has no great urge to go looking for things on public beaches and trying to sell them, it should be understood.

But he knows that some of his constituents are apt to go to the beach, and he is passing on his newly acquired wisdom to these constituents to help them avoid trouble.

The wisdom in this case has been imparted by a South Taranaki iwi negotiator who has pitched in to discourage a bloke who is trying to sell a bone which he reckons is a moa bone.

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Possum throwing is a small-time sport – why not think big and start throwing whales?

September 22, 2010

A dwarf can argue the toss - a dead possum can not.

Dunno what sort of respect we should be showing dead possums, especially the ones found creamed on the middle of the highway.

But throwing the buggers – it transpires – is deemed disrespectful in some circles.

Immoral, too.

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Damn – today’s warbling tells us there’s still life (but not much sense) in the Alliance

January 18, 2010

Great news for ornithologists with a political bent. The Lesser Warbling Alliance is not extinct.

A member of this strange species was heard warbling – about whales, of all things – this morning.

Conservationists probably will clamour to protect the wee rascal, but Alf regards it as a pest.

He did not have his shotgun handy by his bed. Otherwise he would have had a go at silencing the bugger before it flitted off.

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