Another lesson in co-governance: Winiata is laying claim to a half share of a trust fund

July 3, 2012

The Anglican Church is having a fascinating experience as a consequence of its co-governance arrangements.

Just as Alf has foreseen, the Maori bit of the partnership is laying claim to a 50% slice of some church money.

The key player in this money grab is Professor Whatarangi Winiata, a feller who was instrumental in having the Anglican Church structure itself in a racially separatist way.

The three houses of the church, tikanga Maori, tikanga Pakeha and tikanga Pacifica, preside over their own affairs but come together to make decisions affecting the entire church.

The same Professor Winiata was a key player in setting up the Maori Party, which champions race-based claims to the nation’s economic resources, although we Nats are counselled against making much fuss about the Maori Party’s separatist power play.

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Contrition shows Rodney has more balls than Hone

November 9, 2009

Dunno who or which was the sorrier.

Rodney Hide, the self-proclaimed perk-buster who belatedly has realised the extent of the political capital he squandered on defending his travels with his paramour.

Or the spectacle of the aforementioned Rodney Hide expressing his apologies to the public of New Zealand.

Or Hone Harawira, for not saying sorry.

Or the Maori Party, for harbouring Hone.

In the Hide case, the pity is that Rodney’s hormones have been more powerful than his judgement (although Alf regards that awful yellow jacket as good reason for wondering if he ever had good judgement).

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