Willie agrees Maori are entitled to a half-share of political power, but he’ll settle for less for now

December 10, 2014

Willie Jackson has popped up in New Plymouth to confirm Alf’s suspicions that some indigenous persons in this country feel the Treaty of Waitangi entitles them to a half share of anything that’s up for grabs, especially a slice of the political action.

He can count on bumping into some craven Pakeha person who is only too willing to give away the half share of the action that Jackson is claiming.

New Plymouth mayor Andrew Judd comes into this category. He reckons Maori should be given half the seats on his council – and on every other council in the land. Never minds what the citizens think.

Jackson obviously concurs that this is a fair go.

According to this report in the Daily News:

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Willie claims more support than his rival but he goes to court – not the polls – to prove it

November 25, 2014
I'm more popular  than that Kake feller, and I'll sue if you disagree.

I’m more popular than that Kake feller, and I’ll sue if you disagree.

Far from Auckland, hunkered down in the Eketahuna Club, Alf’s mates couldn’t give a toss about whether broadcaster Willie Jackson should be sitting on Auckland’s  Independent Maori Statutory Board.

They do give a toss about process.

They observe that Willie took a legal route on his rocky passage towards a seat on the board, which provides advice to Auckland Council on Maori issues.

The High Court has ruled in his favour and found the board’s selection processes were flawed.

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Now it’s Nike’s turn to feel the heat as Willie Jackson goes hostile over Maori designs

August 14, 2011

Is this really a rose?

Or is it a brain (perhaps the brain of a socialist because of its left-side emphasis?)

Buggers like Willie Jackson – you would think – have plenty to fuel their chronic urge to be combative without having to go looking for more.

But nah.  He has has gone all hostile because sportswear giant Nike has produced a new range of shirts for England fans at the Rugby World Cup.

His concern is about Maori branding.

The shirt – which comes in black and white – features a large English rose, with Maori-style designs across the chest.

You might think Willie would be chuffed that England supporters will be wearing jerseys with a touch of Maori in them.

But his dander is up, the SST tells us today.

Broadcaster Willie Jackson described the shirt – marketed as “England Maori tournament rugby” for sales on UK websites – as a sign of “arrogance”.

“I’m bewildered by how cocky these people are, how arrogant,” Jackson told the Sunday Star-Times.

“They think they can do anything because what are those little Maori going to do? And here is the sad thing, it is the reality… there is not much we can do. But I am constantly surprised that they just think they can just take slices of our culture as it suits them.”

The SST reminds us that Nike is already copping flak for its choice of black as the English team’s alternative playing strip.

Oh dear. The jersey business is apt to attract heated criticism.

Adidas is in big trouble in this country over the price it is charging for All Black jerseys, although buying these jerseys is not compulsory and if Alf couldn’t afford one, he simply would go without.

As it happens, he reckons the only people entitled to wear All Black jerseys are All Blacks.

But let’s get back to Jackson. He said he was “sickened” that overseas companies continued to cash in on Maori designs.

He must have a delicate tummy.

Someone sticking Pakeha designs on jerseys without the permission of Pakeha would not sicken Alf, or in any other way get him excited. Life is too short to fret about trivia.

Jackson goes on to say Maori aren’t the only indigenous culture to be used by corporate giants.

This had happened to cultures “right around the world for years”.

“They use our image and name as it suits them,” he said.

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Radio NZ pulls the plug on Waatea but we can tune in elsewhere for our special view of the world

May 12, 2011

Alf will miss the Waatea News bulletins from Radio New Zealand.

They are being scrapped – along with a couple of grand pianos – as part of the state broadcaster’s desperate efforts to operate within its budget.

But Waatea News is not being shut down and silenced as a consequence of this move.

Those of us whose ethnocentricity compels us to distinguish Maori science from science, Maori sport from sport, and Maori news from news can plug into Maori radio stations for our news fix.

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Wow – Jami-Lee’s Ngati Porou links call for a fresh academic study into the implications for capitalism

March 8, 2011

If you go back far enough, you can find your passport into the Maori All Blacks.

If you’ve got a drop of Maori blood somewhere in your veins, you can count on someone in the Maori media finding out about it and tracking down its source.

The consequence in the case of Jami-Lee Ross is a Waatea News report that that yes, he has a Maori side.

This is not obvious from his name, it might be observed, but nor is it obvious in the case of blokes with names like Shane Jones.

Unlike Jones, Botany’s new National Party MP says he doesn’t know his Maori side, Waatea News reports.

But it seems he is keen to find out.

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