Boys on a beach, hospital patients and now people sheltering in a UN school show Ben’s bulldog streak

July 25, 2014
"We shall wipe the  bastards out before they can ever think of surrender..."

“We shall wipe the bastards out before they can ever think of surrender…”

Gotta say the Israelis have more than their share of gall.

Blasting the crap out of Hamas militants is one thing. Hamas militants deserve everything they get.

And let’s face it, the Hamas heavies aren’t too fussy about how many Israeli civilians they kill, although their strike rate isn’t nearly as good as that of their foes in Israel.

Because Hamas isn’t too fussy, Israel isn’t too fussy about what happens to civilians who get in the way of shells intended (in their commanders’ rhetoric at least) for militant Hamas rocket launchers.

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If you thought Parliament does some mad things – well, maybe this explains it

June 16, 2012

The bloody Brits have been overcome by a curious urge to admit to being a tad ga-ga, and their MPs are lifting the lid on how they have suffered from debilitating mental illnesses.

They have been speaking out about various conditions with fancy names such as obsessive-compulsive disorder and post-natal depression, although Alf tends to stick with words like potty, cranky or whatever.

A Labour MP, Kevan Jones, is reported (here) to have delivered a speech in the House of Commons during which he revealed he suffered from deep depression.

Alf gets that way, too, it must be said, but only when listening to Opposition MPs deliver their tedious speeches, which is much too often.

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