Don’t take the Treaty too lightly – to gauge its weight, just try moving it a few hundred metres

August 21, 2014


Dunno about you, dear reader.

But Alf had been under the strong impression the Treaty of Waitangi is a document of the sort that could be carried from Point A to Point B in a briefcase.

There are three paragraphs and a few signatures.

But if you reckon you could carry it that small distance, think again.

We learn today that a stalled project to shift the Treaty from its current home in Archives New Zealand a few hundred metres up the road to the National Library is resuming.

How far, did they say?

Oh, yes. A few hundred metres.

And how long has it taken so far to get it there?

The project, known as Active Archives, was first announced in 2012 by then internal affairs minister Chris Tremain, but stalled in December last year when the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) said it would not meet its deadline.

We must suppose the delivery was entrusted to Snail Mail and the snail has taken longer than a snail should, perhaps because it was kidnapped by French persons to be eaten.

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