Competency tests for miners is a good idea but why not test MPs, too, to keep people safe politically?

April 13, 2015

Dunno what you’ve got to do to pass, but more than 6000 miners are to be tested for competency this year as a result of the Pike River tragedy.

Perhaps  there’s a test for work with a pick and a test for work with a shovel, Alf mused. He  was a dab hand at wielding both implements once upon a time but has slowed up in recent years and might now be given a D-minus for both tests. Mrs Grumble, who does all the gardening in the home patch in Eketahuna North, has a fair chance of passing, on the other hand.

According to a report at Stuff, the testing of the miners follows the example set by Australia, which has stopped mining companies “divesting responsibility” for heath and safety to lower-level staff.

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Why is a young forestry worker dead? His boss blames a dearth of safety inspectors

February 15, 2014

This is a good trick.

When something goes wrong, you say it was the Government’s fault.

In this case, the something that went wrong was a company’s failure to keep one of its workers safe and in good health.

As a consequence of its laxity a young man is dead.

Alf refers to the Taranaki contracting firm whose newly employed tree feller was killed by falling branches.

According to Stuff, the firm has attacked the lack of Government inspectors in their industry.

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