Ruling on student with Asperger’s syndrome suggests teachers must brace for being roughed up

February 25, 2014

Alf is bound to say he is bothered by a court decision that might result in a teenage boy with Asperger’s syndrome returning to a school from which he was expelled.

The lad – whose condition no doubt explains his behaviour and therefore exempts him from being described as a tosser in this post – had been involved in a tussle with a teacher over a skateboard.

The unfortunate teacher has every good reason to be upset that the student might soon be back because the High Court at Auckland has overturned Green Bay High School’s decision to exclude the boy last year.

The expulsion followed a series of incidents and the boy, who has name suppression, has been out of mainstream education for 10 months.

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“Fat bastard” jibe sparks fuss about rights to education – but what about teachers’ rights?

September 18, 2011

So what should be done to a 12-year-old brat who called his teacher aide a “fat bastard” in front of classmates (after prevously being stood down for seven days for fighting with another student and accidentally elbowing a teacher who tried to break up the altercation)?

In the good old days a bloody good caning might have been appropriate, although expulsion probably would be better.

Ah, but it transpires this lad was spawned by a mum who has kicked up a fuss because he was suspended.

She is banging on about an abuse of his rights to an education.

But whoa there – when did publicly funded education become a “right”?

It’s a damned privilege, the way Alf sees it, and if you abuse the privilege, you lose it.

In this namby-world, of course, that opinion is regarded as seriously uncivilized.

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