Zimbabwean underwear controls take elasticity out of the law of supply and demand

February 4, 2012

This photo was sent to Alf this week with a challenge: please explain what’s going on.

The hard-working member for Eketahuna North doesn’t know for sure the circumstances in which the photo was taken.

But he has a shrewd idea of what might be going on.

The picture no doubt was taken in a Chinese school and most of the lasses in the front row obviously were wearing made-in-China knickers.

The picture must have been taken before Zimbabwe’s authorities banned the importation of second-hand underwear.

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Take a hard look at Zimbabwe, if you empathise with Sharples on this one-person-one-vote thing

March 22, 2010

Alf’s unease about our party’s coalition relationship with the Maori Party has been heightened after Pita Sharples shared his provocative ideas about an ideal democracy with Radio NZ’s Morning Report audience today.

The Maori Party co-leader declared his frustration with the concept of one person, one vote.

He accused we Nats of failing to understand the sort of democracy the Maori Party wants.

Bloody right we don’t.

He said we should try another model of democracy.

But why?
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Splashing out on World Water Day

March 20, 2009

One bunch of do-gooders will be marking “Race Relations Day” tomorrow, and another lot will make a splash on Sunday for “World Water Day”.

World Water Day sounds like more fun than Race Relations Day, but it also seems to be scandalously hypocritical, because organisers will be marking the occasion by spilling great volumes of the stuff.
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