Monarchists deserve a medal

Here’s a big hurrah for The Monarchist League of New Zealand, a splendid bunch of people with an obvious bent for upholding good old-fashioned values. They have declared their support for the call by the Editor of the New Zealand Herald to return to titular honours, and to place the Honours Secretariat under the auspices of the Governor-General. The restoration of knighthoods is supported by a groundswell of public opinion, it says (and they are probably right – at least two people in Eketahuna reckon it’s a great idea, which in this neck of the woods is a tsunami of support).

The league says –

The decision to remove titles, such as Dame or Sir, denied the community a public and enduring opportunity to celebrate success. The League encourages the Government to restore titular honours to recognise the contribution of outstanding individuals, thereby conveying a greater visibility than do post-nominal letters alone.

As to placing the Honours Secretariat under the jurisdiction of the Governor-General, the league reckons the current Secretariat within the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet creates an unnecessary perception of bias or political control.

I’ll buy that. During the past 10 years, She Who Must Be Obeyed was doling out medals by the tonne for – ahem – I strongly suspect purposes of patronage. My own chances of the gong I deserve hence were zero.

Having honours managed by the Governor-General, as the league and the NZ Herald argue (and even though the incumbent does not hark from The Home Country) would reinforce the neutrality of the system, and truly be an expression of celebration for the entire community.

The statement, for those who might be fascinated by this debate (all of us, surely) was issued under the name of league chairman Professor Noel Cox. The organisation is not so fusty as to eschew its own website.

One Response to Monarchists deserve a medal

  1. Royalist says:

    Though I will never get a medal, I understand that people are different. Having a title they can use – or chose not to use – is an honour people recognise immediately. I have no problem, calling someone Sir Cliff (Richard) or Sir Elton (John). In my ears Sir Edmund sounded always better than just Mr. Hillary.

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