Pride comes before a tumble

Looks like harlots are going the way of poofters. PC-infected people prefer to call them something else.

Poofters became gays (thereby buggering up the use of a wonderful word, gay, to mean joyous or colourful) and harlots have become…

Depends where they operate, perhaps.

In Manukau City, they are “street workers.”

So what about road sweepers? Are they not much more entitled to call themselves street workers?

At least they are less inclined to lie down on the job.

Actually, Alf was tempted to think – for a moment – that Hunters Corner in Manukau City was being given a very late spring-clean by the road cleaners, because a press statement from Mayor Len Brown is headed “Street workers on Hunters Corner”.

But no. The mealy-mouthed mayor was promoting community pride. And he was talking about harlots. Strumpets, if you like. Or prostitutes. Or hookers.

Two recent issues have highlighted a matter of critical importance for our community – that being our community pride. The issue of the continuing challenge with the street workers in Hunter’s Corner has been subject of a lot of media coverage recently.

The community’s view on this matter – which I acknowledge is tinged by a position of the morality of the issue – is overwhelmingly based on Papatoetoe residents’ sense of pride, or the loss of pride for the Hunter’s Corner they once knew and loved. As a council we are aware of the work needed to harness our community’s pride and reflect this in our town centres so we are supportive of the work of our passionate local residents and understand where they’re coming from.

It’s the reason why we are going to speak to Prime Minister John Key and his government, as we work towards an amendment to the Prostitutes Law Reform Act to ban street workers from operating on our residential streets.

The Mayor appreciates that to achieve this will be a challenge and will necessitate a significant political debate.

But he’s confident Parliament understands how “this sort of activity in our community” is hard to accommodate “within the framework of driving our communities forward with pride.”

He goes on to commend the work of area commander Bruce Bird and his team. And he credits the cops with striving to keep a balance,

working with the prostitutes operating in and around Sutton Crescent, and have moved them (with their co-operation) into a specifically commercial area of Hunters Corner for now, taking the pressure off the residents of Sutton Crescent. It’s important that we continue to work together to resolve the issues we face in a responsible way to enable all those involved to get on with their lives.

Ah, orgasmic joy. He DOES know how to say “prostitutes”.

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