Mallard cycles into more strife

Alf usually gives Labour’s Trevor Mallard a wide berth when he sees him prowling menacingly through the corridors of power, since his come-to with Tau Henare a few years back. You never know when Trev might be overcome by an urge to indulge in a bit more biffo.

Motorists should give the bugger a wide berth too, it seems, although police have yet to get the full story about Mallard’s involvement in a skirmish with a motorist who allegedly upset a group of cyclists which included the MP.

According to the report from TV3 –

Labour MP Trevor Mallard’s temper has got him in hot water again – this time after an alleged road rage incident.

Wellington police are reportedly investigating the episode, in which Mr Mallard says he was riding with some cycling friends when a car tried to drive through the group.

Mr Mallard says one of the people in the car then got out and tried to hit him with a bag – which he warded off with his foot.

“I very nearly fell off my bike from this guy jumping out and swinging his bag at me. I got my foot out of the [bike] pedal because I thought I was going to fall off and there was contact between my foot and his bag.”

Mr Mallard said he had only defended himself during the incident and had not hit anyone. There was some verbal abuse exchanged between the parties before he rode off.

Police are not commenting on the details of the incident.

Alf does see the positive side of this for taxpayers.

Biking to and from Parliament obviously cuts down on travel expenses. Hopefully it would also leave Mallard too sapped to be unduly stroppy when he gets to Parliament, although you should not put this to test by provoking the wanker.

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